The best ingredient for a biobased solution

Azelaic & Pelargonic acid
The best ingredients for a biobased solution

Renamax 92 & 98 Azelaic Acid

Our innovative production process achieves various levels of purity; a feature that is extremely important in its use in all kinds of formulations. Azelaic Acid has some unique properties. 

This ranges from the melting behaviour in high molecular weight plastics and resins, to superior low temperature characteristics of plasticizers for PVC and other polymers, as well as synthetic lubricant ester base fluids. Read more > 


Renalin Pelargonic Acid

n-Nonanoic acid, commonly known as pelargonic acid, is a mono-carboxylic acid with a linear chain comprising of nine Carbon atoms. Through the odd-numbered Carbon chain: pelargonic acid derivatives often show advantages of lower pour-points and viscosities.

Coupled with better solubility, in comparison to their even-numbered countertypes. At the same time: through the absence of double bonds, their stability is very high Read more >