The best ingredient for a biobased solution

Azelaic acid
The best ingredient for a biobased solution

Azelaic Acid

Azelaic acid is an important intermediate in the organic synthesis, application of the derivative of the broad market. Mainly used in polymer synthesis, electronic industry, environmental protection plasticizer, synthetic lubricating oil and grease, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries etc. It can improve all polymers’ the toughness, elasticity, low temperature resistance and water resistance. In the polyamide and polyester synthesis and polymer modification can be widely used in.

Azelaic acid is a crystalline, opaque-white solid, soluble in hot water, alcohols, diethyl ether, and other polar solvents. The two carboxyl groups of azelaic acid limit its solubility in nonpolar solvents such as naphtha or carbon tetrachloride.

The best formulation

Our innovative production process achieves a high level of purity; a feature that is extremely important in its use in all kinds of formulations.

Azelaic Acid has some unique properties. This ranges from the melting behaviour in high molecular weight plastics and resins, to superior low temperature characteristics of plasticizers for PVC and other polymers, as well as synthetic lubricant ester base fluids.


• synthetic lubricant ester base fluids

• complex greases

• coatings and resins

• poly-amide and poly-ester hot-melt adhesives


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